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Your own on-premises cloud storage, in the comfort and security of your home. Store photos, videos and documents and access them from any of your phones, tablets or other computers, share them with your friends or colleagues.
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How Does Picsium Work?
Setup Your Storage

Install Picsium Box on your PC. When asked for, use your Picsium credentials to Sign In. You just created Picsium storage and linked in to your Picsium account.

Link Your Devices

Get the Picsium app for your phone(s) and/or tablet(s). Run it and use your Picsium credentials when asked. You device is now linked to your Picsium account and can access your storage.

Manage and Transfer

At this point you have your storage up and running and your devices connected to your Picsium account. You can now browse your personal cloud from your phones and tablets, you can upload or download files.


Use your Android or iOS phones and tablets or any web browser to access your files from anywhere around the world.


Your pictures and videos are automatically uploaded to your computer. You can choose what gets auto-uploaded, be that pictures you took with your phone or tablet or the ones you receive in other apps.


Sharing pictures, videos or documents with your family or friends is easy to set and easy to manage.

No Limits

There is no storage size limit. There is no limit of how many files you can be stored or how large can they be. The only limit is the available free space on your computer.


Using any of the phone, tablet or web app, you can easily manage your files and folders, what you shared with other users and what other users share with you.

Privacy & Security

Your files are yours and yours alone

Picsium secures all communication using SSL encryption, so your files cannot be read by anyone else except you.

Because we love the Zero-Trust approach we also added End-To-End Encryption to all data transfers. This means that any file chunk is being encrypted before being sent and it is being decrypted after is received. This way, not even we can see your data as it passes our servers.

Whenever you upload/download a file (picture, video etc.) to/from your Picsium storage, our service transfers the file from one end to another without storing it on our server.
We DO NOT store your files on our servers!

How To Install Picsium?
Install on PC

Download and install Picsium Box on your PC. During installation you need to Sign In with your Picsium credentials.

Get the App

The only thing left is to install Picsium app on your phone(s) and/or tablet(s). You can also access your personal cloud using any internet browser.

Get the App