Installation Guide

How to install Picsium Box on your computer and get this started
Watch this explanatory demo or follow the installation steps below.

Step 1: Signup and Signin

If you DO NOT have a Picsium account then click on the Signup link and you will be taken to our signup page.

If you already have a Picsium account then just type your email and password and continue.

Now enter the license key. If you did not purchased one yet then leave empty. You have 30-days trial period.

Step 2: Set the Storage Folder

This is the location where your files (images, videos, etc.) are stored.

Usually, the default location is just fine, but if you have a dedicated drive for this just Browse for it.

Step 3: Done!

That's it! Nothing else needs to be done. It's just "Set It and Forget It"...

...but if you miss it, you can find it in System Tray. Always running and waiting for Auto-Uploads.